Ironing Wiki

I shouldn't be surprised to find that Wikipedia has detailed articles on ironing, even so I was a little amazed :-)

They actually make a good read, the two Wiki articles I found were Ironing and Washing Symbols.  The Ironing article actually gives you the temperatures for different materials which is quite useful.

I did wonder about helping maintain the pages or perhaps creating a Middlewich Ironing Wiki page but somehow didn't imagine anyone would read them, and if I really had time :-)

Enjoy anyway...

Here are the temperatures that Wikipedia has, really useful (click the link above to see and read the full article) - pasted here but all produced and copyright by Wikipedia:

Recommended ironing temperatures

TextileTemperatureTemperatureDot mark
Toile240 °C
Triacetate ("Estron", "Silene", "Tricell")200 °C220-250 °C
Cotton204 °C / 400 °F180-220 °C* * * [8]
Linen (flax)215-240 °C* * * [8]
Viscose/Rayon190 °C150-180 °C* * [8]
Wool148 °C / 300 °F160-170 °C* * [9]
Polyester148 °C / 300 °F[8]
Silk148 °C / 300 °F140-165 °C[9]
Acetate ("Arnel", "Celco", "Dicel")143 °C180 °C[9]
Acrylic135 °C180 °C
Lycra/Spandex135 °C
Nylon-6150 °C
Nylon-66180-220 °C
Dot markTemperature
*< 110 °C
* *< 150 °C
* * *< 200 °C