Guide to ironing is a guide to a good ironing service

This is a very good article that lists a lot of the tips/considerations I use, I like it because it demonstrates how much effort really goes into good ironing, from the choice of iron through to where you iron, which I would are two of the most important factors when ensuring a good ironing service.
  1. Make sure you iron at the correct temperature; too cold and an iron won’t be effective, too hot and you run the risk of burning through your clothes.
  2. Keep the iron moving slowly and consistently at all times. Keeping an iron still can burn a hole through a garment.
  3. Only iron clean clothes as stains can be ironed into garments.
  4. Take your time when ironing; being too hasty can be counter-productive and can even cause you to burn your clothes.
  5. Ensure your ironing board and iron are kept in good condition; any dirty or damaged equipment may end up ruining your clothes.
  6. Always ensure your iron is properly turned off when it’s not in use.
  7. Consider buying an iron with an anti-scale feature if you live in a hard water area. This will prevent it from becoming damaged by limescale.